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Welcome to GreenPlace

GreenPlace is an electronic waste recycling company based in Egypt and serving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. GreenPlace is fully owned by Greest FZCO, the famous e-waste recycling company based in UAE.

Our slogan is “Recycling Army” when we partner with you, we become the recycling army that saves the earth from pollution and conserves its natural resources.

Services & Solutions

Comprehensive Industry-Specific Waste Management & Sustainability Solutions

Our ITAD program specializes in minimising cost and loss through our environment friendly processes, all this while helping to keep your sensitive data safe and sound.
E Recycling
We have mastered the highly labor intensive art of reprocessing obsolete and unwanted electronic equipment through optimal procedures.
Material Recovery
We undergo ideal procedures to procure desirable materials and then implement carefully planned processes to sort and store the materials for future use.
Scrap Purchase
We remain supremely diligent in monitoring and scanning the scrap we purchase to ensure its quality and standard.
We are strategic in planning our advertisements for brand awareness that allows us to establish a sound interaction with our customers.
Data Destruction / Wiping
We undertake the task of making sure your data is irrecoverable through careful and precise technologies that ensure maximum security.
Data Center Decommissioning
We manage the arduous task of data centre decommissioning and minimise disruptions through our tactical plans by tailoring them to meet the needs of each system effectively.
We are proficient in assembling old, repaired and used parts to manufacture new goods which turn out to be as capable as original.

Our Process

Pick up / Drop off

We send our specialists to the customer location to pickup the electronic waste they have, and transfer it to our warehouse for the next step.
We also provide the option of drop off to customers who would like to deliver their shipment their selves.
For Batteries: Only drop off option is available as we do not provide pick up for Batteries.


We classify the received shipment inside our warehouse facilities. We classify into many categories :
Screens, Laptops, Desktops, HDD/SSD, Printers, Large printers, Cables, Scanners, Phones, Faxes, Network devices, UPS, Li batteries, Lead Batteries, Boards and Accessories. The working devices are sent to (Reuse) division, the non working are sent to (Scrap) division.


Best recycling practice is to reuse the device, this is of best interest to environment and also to end user.
We test the received devices, and prepare the working ones for resale.
When customer approves this, we can provide the customer a (Revenue Sharing) model.


The items classified as (Scrap), are then prepared to be crushed using our giant crusher in our facility in Egypt, 6th of October factory.
The benefit of this is to crush all materials to small parts that can be sent to specialized factories afterwards to reuse them.


After crushing metal cables, we get a mixture of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, so we perform advanced separation techniques to get pure end product to be sold to specialized factories.

Precious Metal Extraction

In some cases, we do not perform crushing to some items which have precious metals (Gold, Silver..etc), instead, we send them to our specialized lab of metal extraction where we do extraction for these precious metals to be sold in market as pure metals.

What we Recieve




Telecom Devices

Network Devices

Setup Boxes & Modems

Mobiles / Cell Phones

Motherboards (High Grade, Middle Grade, Low Grade)

Cars Control Unit

Computer Accessories (Mouse, Keyboard)

Screens: LCD, LED

Printer / Copy Machines

Hard Disks : HDD / SSD


Solar Panels

Power Supplies

Batteries (Cell Phone & Laptop)


Power Generators


What we Produce

Recycled Copper
Recycled Plastic
Recycled Aluminum
Recycled Silver
PV Cells
Total Waste Recycled
CO2 Savings
Metals Extracted
Mobiles Recycled
Hard Drives Destroyed
Laptops Recycled

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