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Green Place for Electronic waste Recycling and ITAD service in Egypt, Middle east and Africa.


Enterprise Services

GP is responsible, on behalf of our enterprise clientele, for the compliant disposal of retired IT assets and electronics. We refurbish, redeploy, and resell IT assets in order to prolong their usefulness. GP recycles discarded electronics, transforming waste into raw material, in addition to facilitating the reuse of equipment. Recycling diverts waste from landfills and incinerators and provides raw materials for the production of next-generation products. No matter if equipment is reused or recycled, we always destroy data on storage media in accordance with applicable data destruction standards.


Methodical procedures. Comprehensive and standardized services. Global scope For data centers and end user equipment.

ITAD Services

Greenplace recycling E-waste

IT Asset Recovery

Through resale, redeployment, and parts management, we offer our clients multiple revenue streams. Intelligent pricing analytics boosts value recovery.

IT Asset Recovery

Data Destruction

There are solutions for solid-state and magnetic hard drives, backup tapes, CDs, and DVDs. Conforming to local regulations.

Data Destruction

Electronics Recycling

Our closed-loop system for recycling e-waste in a responsible way makes it easy to track, recycle, and get rid of dangerous materials.

E-Waste Recycling

Precious Metal Extraction


We get precious metals out of waste streams, which are usually a byproduct of complex manufacturing processes, and clean them up.


Data Center

We can help all kinds of data centers shut down and get rid of their data. IT equipment that is no longer needed is redeployed, sold, or recycled.

Data Center

With processing facilities in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, GP is in a good position to help national and global companies with multiple locations recycle their IT assets and electronic equipment in a way that is in line with regulations.
We encourage our clients to use resources for as long as possible, get the most value out of them while they're being used, and then recover and reuse products and materials when they're no longer useful.

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