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Data Destruction

Secure Data Destruction Services

There may be sensitive data and confidential information on IT assets that have reached the end of their life. These include intellectual property and customer lists as well as trade secrets, accounting and payroll records, and credit card information. You and your company's reputation could be at risk if this information is leaked.

GP has ways to get rid of digital data on magnetic, solid state, and optical media for small and big projects. We support the physical destruction of storage media and the erasure of data so that hard drives can be used again safely.

Our secure data destruction services make sure that all data is destroyed and can't be retrieved, that they meet industry standards, and that they include all the documentation needed for regulatory and corporate compliance. Certificates of Data Destruction and chain of custody documents are on hand for people who need

On-Site Data Destruction

Avoid unnecessarily taking risks. When data security is critical, you must ensure that it is destroyed before it leaves your premises. We provide destruction services for magnetic tapes and drives, solid state drives, and optical media on a small and large scale. Our data erasure services ensure the safe re-use of hard drives. We provide secure data destruction services on-site. At your leisure.

Bulk Data Destruction

GP is fully equipped to handle large data destruction projects, either on-site at your location or at one of our advanced GP processing facilities. Among the services offered are bulk shredding of storage media and bulk hard drive erasure. Our mobile shredding trucks are capable of shredding thousands of drives and tapes on-site. When media is destroyed at our processing facilities, we provide witnessed destruction.
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Large On-Site Hard Drive Shredding Projects

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Sometimes, sensitive data cannot be removed from your business. Our mobile shred trucks ensure that drives are destroyed completely. Data destruction for thousands of storage devices can be performed daily using industry-leading shredding technology. Magnetic hard drives, solid state drives, backup tapes, CDs, DVDs, floppy discs, and portable storage devices can all be shredded. Clients can witness secure data destruction at your locations with our hard drive shredding service.
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