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Bulk Data Destruction Services

Hard Drive Shredding at Large Offices and Data Centers

Sometimes, sensitive data simply cannot leave your business. 
Our mobile shred trucks ensure drives are completely destroyed. 
Equipped with industry-leading shredding technology, data destruction for thousands of storage devices can be performed daily. 
Media that can be shredded include magnetic hard drives, solid state drives, back up tapes, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and portable storage devices. 
Our hard drive shredding service allows clients to witness secure data destruction at your locations. 
Any residual equipment and material resulting from hard drive shredding will be recycled in-house by GP.


  • Data erasure on-site at your location.
  • Data sanitization standards set by the government are met.
  • Up to 3500 hard drives a day can be destroyed in this manner.
  • Ensured destruction of all data
  • Same-day issuance of Certificates of Data Destruction
  • All of your assets have 24-hour tracking.

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Services at GP Facility

Bulk Hard Drive Shredding

Physically destroying any data-bearing media that our clients do not want to use or resell is part of our service. High-capacity hard drive shredders are used in our data destruction process. Data and media cannot be recovered from this hard drive because the platters have been shredded into small pieces.

Bulk Data Erasure

Erase hard drives with commercial and proprietary software. Hard drives can be safely repurposed by erasing data on them. NIST 80-888 r1 and HMG IA Standard No. 5 are in full compliance with our processes. Bulk erasure is strictly regulated by standard operating procedures (SOPs) at our facilities to ensure that all hard drives are completely erased and that no hard drive is left out.

Witnessed Destruction

In some situations, the client has to be there when the electronic media is destroyed. GP can host the client at our processing facility so that they can watch the hard drives and storage media being destroyed. Another way to make it easier for people to be witnesses is to give them a webcam link so they can watch the destruction from afar. We can also record the destruction of our clients' hard drives on video.

Guaranteed Destruction of Data

GP makes sure that all digital data is destroyed by following clear processes that are based on industry and government standards. Our audited processes give you peace of mind, a sense of responsibility, and the assurance that your company's privacy and reputation will stay the same.

Certificates of Data Destruction can be given no matter what service was done, whether it was data erasure, hard drive shredding, or destruction that was seen.

GP promises to destroy all digital data and gives Certificates of Data Destruction and Certificates of Recycling when they are needed.