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Data Destruction Standards

Regulation of Data Processing

GP complies with regulatory criteria for the protection of personal data by following established procedures. A wide range of storage media, including magnetic and solid-state drives, can be rendered useless with our data destruction services.

The most frequently cited set of guidelines in the United States is NIST 800-88 r1, which was released in December 2014 and is a special publication of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Rules for data destruction are provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • Hard copy (paper) storage sanitization
  • Sanitization of network devices
  • Sanitization of mobile phones and other devices
  • Equipment sanitization
  • Sanitization of Magnetic media
  • Sanitization of Peripherally attached storage
  • Sanitization of Optical media
  • Sanitization of Flash memory based storage device
  • Sanitization of RAM and ROM based storage device
  • Cryptographic erase considerations

GP follows procedures that are in strict compliance with NIST 800-88 r1, in the US.

View NIST 800-88-r1 standard here

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