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On-Site Data Destruction

Stay away from unneeded danger. Before it leaves your control, delete all of your digital information.

Because data breaches have become more widespread, firms are seeking to proactively manage digital data both in their live environment and on retired assets. Data destruction on-site is becoming more commonplace in both large and small businesses. Eliminate all of the security risks that come with transferring data-based assets.

We come to you. To fit your schedule.

Among the services offered are the following:

  • Degaussing, crushing, erasure, or on-site hard drive shredding are all methods of data destruction. A description of these services is shown below.
  • Inventory validation - All storage devices' serial numbers are scanned and recorded, and can be compared to client inventory lists. This solution ensures critical audit trails, final inventory reconciliation, and inventory reporting, as well as same-day Certificates of Data Destruction.
  • Discarded material, including shredded hard drives, is packaged and shipped.
  • GP facility accepts certified recycling of wrecked drives.

Conforms to all applicable industry standards

You can be confident that when you deal with GP, you are collaborating with an industry leader who will safeguard your data and your company's reputation.

  • Compliant with NIST 800-88 revision 1, HMG IA Standard No. 5, and DIN-66399
  • Cybersecurity insurance protects you from the financial consequences of a data breach.
  • Contributes to compliance with regulatory obligations, especially those imposed by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Large On-Site Hard Drive Shredding Projects

We come to your location...
At times, sensitive data cannot be removed from your business. Our mobile shred trucks ensure that drives are destroyed completely. Data destruction for thousands of storage devices can be accomplished everyday using industry-leading shredder technology. Magnetic hard drives, solid state drives, backup tapes, CDs, DVDs, floppy discs, and portable storage devices can all be shredded. Clients can observe secure data destruction at your locations with our hard drive shredding service. On-site crushing and shredding services are available.

At your specified location. Because sensitive data may not always be able to leave your firm.


GP provides secured storage boxes for the temporary storage of amassed hard drives until destruction services are rendered. These tamper-resistant containers securely store hard drives, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, mobile phones, and other data-carrying storage devices until collection volumes require an GP technician's visit. Additionally, these secure bins can be utilized to carry storage devices to an GP processing facility for ultimate processing.


Drive erasure can also help mitigate the risks and costs connected with leasing equipment return.

By erasing rather than destroying the hard drive, clients can repurpose or resell erased hard drives. A fantastic method for securely erasing data while preserving its worth.

No Unexpected Lease Returns on Leased Equipment

Returning leased equipment that contains live data introduces security hazards during transportation. Eliminate these hazards and avoid chargebacks from leasing firms for returned rented equipment's hard drive erasure.

GP offers a variety of options for securely wiping data from drives still attached to laptops, servers, storage area networks (SANs), and network attached storage (NAS) (NAS). We collaborate with clients to streamline the return of leased equipment and avoid unwarranted chargebacks. Our services include repair, cosmetic refurbishment, asset tag removal, data erasure, and packing and returning leased equipment to the leasing company.


FOR: Loose magnetic hard drives, backup tapes

Data is destroyed by the application of strong electromagnetic fields. Data is rendered unrecoverable due to the magnetic charge. Degaussing is a simple and rapid process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is only effective with magnetic drives and cassettes. On solid state hard drives, degaussing does not destroy data.


FOR: Magnetic hard drives, solid state drives

For small-scale initiatives (less than 500 drives)

Our hard drive crushers are an efficient and quick solution to destroy small quantities of hard drives.


Any data-bearing media that our clients do not wish to reuse or resell is destroyed physically. GP destroys all data-bearing media with high-capacity shredders. Our on-site hard drive shredders shred the entire hard drive, including the platters, into minute bits, rendering the media or data unrecoverable. Our shred trucks are equipped with shredders that enable us to destroy backup tapes, magnetic hard drives, and solid state hard drives in a compliant manner.


Certificates of Data Destruction are available independently of the type of service delivered - data deletion, degaussing, hard drive shredding, or crushing.

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