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Vendor Selection

On-site Data Destruction Services

Find a vendor who can provide on-site hard drive destruction services for companies that must meet stringent data security and regulatory compliance requirements. When data-bearing equipment of a firm leaves the company's premises, any complete data still remaining on such equipment becomes susceptible to exposure and might put the company at risk of a potential data breach scenario.

On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

Secure Chain of Custody

Security of data-bearing assets must be ensured if on-site hard drive destruction is not possible. Choose a vendor that provides an unbroken chain of custody from collection to transportation to disposal. Decide up front who will have access to the equipment and how it will be managed from the time it is picked up until it is processed.

Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

Your organization generates data on a daily basis; data that drives your competitive edge and propels your business ahead.

However, the same data left on retired IT systems can cause a data catastrophe. At GP, we recognize the crucial importance of ensuring the security of all data, including information about decommissioned assets. Our services guarantee the security of your data on depreciated assets and include:

  • On-site hard drive degaussing and destruction
  • secure recycling facility staffed by vetted personnel
  • certified and documented processes

This stops your business from becoming a statistic and secures the data held on your retired IT devices.


Protect Your Sensitive Digital Information

We have won the trust of corporations, government agencies, military and law enforcement organizations, and small enterprises by our considerable experience and unmatched capabilities in the destruction of digital data. We can create a program specifically tailored to your data security and reporting needs.