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IT Asset Recovery

To ensure that our asset recovery strategy is in line with your business goals, we consult with our clients regularly. Most conversations revolve around how we can maximize the value of your equipment.

Recovering Your IT Assets

  • Wholesale and retail channels for redistribution of refurbished products
  • In your company, refurbish and repurpose your old equipment.
  • Deconstruct and salvage parts and components for repurposing
  • When a piece of equipment has served its purpose, it is responsibly recycled.


Prior to redeployment, we test the unit for functionality and repair any cosmetic flaws or broken or missing components. Memory or hard drive upgrades can help extend the asset's lifecycle at a low cost and improve performance.

IT Assets Can Be Sold For A Profit

Profitability and environmental impact can both be improved through the resale of pre-owned equipment. We take into account the asset's age, functionality, appearance, and overall condition when assessing its resale value.


How We Are Different

Smart Analytics for Pricing

Our in-house pricing tool keeps tabs on major online marketplaces to keep track of the dollar amount of transactions that have been completed. We use this data for benchmarking and foreseeing price changes and movements. Optimizing selling prices in secondary markets can be done by utilizing data in a fast-changing marketplace.


MAR (Microsoft Authorized Reseller)

GP is an authorized Microsoft Refurbished (MAR). Our MAR status proves that all of our laptops and PCs run a real Windows operating system. When laptops and PCs have up-to-date operating systems, the price at which they can be sold goes up.

Enterprise Services

GP is in charge of getting rid of old IT assets and electronics in a legal way on behalf of our enterprise clients. We fix up, redeploy, and resell IT assets to make them last longer. GP not only helps people reuse equipment, but it also recycles old electronics, turning trash into raw materials.
Recycling keeps things from going to landfills or being burned, and it gives manufacturers the raw materials they need to make the next generation of products. We always destroy data on storage media, whether we reuse or recycle the equipment. We do this by following the standards for data destruction.

Profitable Resale Channels

Our clients benefit from our presence on the global market and our ability to sell their assets through a wide range of wholesale and retail channels. These include:

  • Online sales of products through popular shopping websites
  • Through auction sites, reselling in bulk to brokers

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