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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Protecting your data, maintaining ownership of your assets, maximizing value recovery, and meeting regulatory and corporate risk management requirements all begin with a well-defined, methodical approach for disposing of retired IT assets.

Programs for IT asset disposal (ITAD) continue to grow and improve. It is becoming increasingly difficult for firms to protect customers', workers', and other stakeholders' personally identifiable information (PII). Data protection is of the utmost importance. For the management of potential dangers linked with the arbitrary disposal of outmoded equipment, companies are looking for data-safe and environmentally-compliant procedures.

Consolidating regional ITAD initiatives into a single program that can be administered holistically and consistently is being taken up by national and multinational companies.

We make it possible for you to eliminate all of your digital data by progressively removing retired IT assets from your active environment.

The following services are included in our basic IT asset disposal:

Details About GP ITAD Program

For multi-site regional and global enterprises, the processing facilities of GP are well positioned to immediately assist compliant electronic equipment and IT assets recycling.

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