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Data Center Trends

The design and management of data centers is evolving as a result of the influence of innovative technologies and commercial forces:

  • The explosion of the digitalization of our professional, domestic, and leisure life.
  • Popularity growth of cloud computing and server virtualization
  • Focus on green initiatives to improve the energy efficiency of data centers

The building of hyperscale data centers is expanding as a result of these trends, while the number of on-premise data centers is declining.

The development of hyperscale data centers is an enormous task. Once the data center is operating, the team's focus changes to systematic day-to-day operations. As technology is upgraded and older equipment is discarded, it is essential to collaborate with a vendor who can provide scalable scope and discipline.

Hyperscale Data Centers

Hyperscale data center owners tend to have a worldwide reach. These initiatives can be supported simultaneously all over the world thanks to the global reach of GP. GP provides well-defined and consistent methods and capabilities to assist enterprises methodically retire IT equipment from these huge data centers.

End-of-life electronics management in data centers is critical, and we take it very seriously. Continuity of business and data protection are ensured, as is the environmentally appropriate reuse or recycling of retired equipment, thanks to our project planning, consistent protocols, and full responsibility.


Bulk Hard Drive Shredding

Hard drive shredding can be done quickly and legally on-site with trucks equipped with high-capacity shredders. Thousands of hard discs can be destroyed each day using this method. Clients can also watch the storage devices being destroyed while they are still in your possession. E-waste is created when hard discs are destroyed in a data center. E-waste is transported inside countries and across borders in accordance with legislation that are specific to each one. When it comes to legislation and regulations that govern the transportation and processing of electronic trash, GP is here to help. In order to avoid fines, fees, and penalties that may be incurred as a result of improper transboundary movement of e-waste, this advise involves the preparation of correct shipping documentation.


Staged Decommissioning

Data center IT assets, including storage devices and server racks, will be phased out over time.

Our on-site technicians remove hard drives, servers, and server racks, and then ship and process this equipment.

  • The racks and servers should be taken out of service
  • Remove the hard drives and destroy them.
  • Reconciliation of inventory with a list provided by the client (servers and hard drives)
  • Server and networking equipment resale and recycling services
  • In the case of server racks and computer parts, there are recycling services available

Original Design Servers (ODS)

Servers with Authentic Design Source Code Needed

Hyperscale data centers are quickly adopting servers and processors manufactured to order.

IT equipment that is no longer needed can be put to good use or recycled thanks to these unique servers.

With the help of our clients, we offer advice on the best way to process this equipment.

Yes, parts can be harvested for inventory or resale purposes.

Is it possible to move the equipment to another location controlled by the company?

In terms of intellectual property, is safe recycling the best course of action?

Purchase Used Servers

Looking for the highest possible return on decommissioned servers? If you are looking to sell data center equipment, we will purchase it outright. With our market expertise and global buyer network, GP can be the perfect place to sell secondhand servers.

Data Center Services

The decommissioning and data destruction services we offer at our clients' premises are often project-based and involve meticulous planning and coordination. Discuss with one of our business solution advisers how GP might assist your team.