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Colocated Data Center

Colocated Data Center Services

In order to assist their customers with the proper disposal of old equipment, GP collaborates with data centers. Here are a few additional services we provide in addition to your smart hands and remote hands:

  • Disposing of storage media in a safe and dependable manner
  • A complete dismantling of the rack
  • Cleanouts of all cages
  • Reconciliation of inventories and equipment packing
  • Used servers and blades are sold and obsolete equipment is safely recycled at an GP facility where used servers and blades are sold.

Data centers will be able to request additional services through the GreenPlace Portal. GP will schedule a pick-up and securely ship the equipment to an GP processing center for final disposition when a request for equipment pick-up is submitted.


Benefits of Using GP Services

  • GP is in charge of the entire disposal process, which helps to strengthen the trust chain both on and off-site
  • Service that can be added to your clients' offerings without the need for extra data center resources
  • Your clients will be able to enjoy a completely integrated and managed service
  • GP will meet your clients' SLAs and security needs
  • Disposal of retired servers and blades and destruction of storage media can be billed on a flexible per-rack subscription basis.

Data Destruction

  • GP technicians will be on-site on a pre-scheduled basis to destroy all media that has been retired. The final step in the destruction procedure involves transporting the destroyed drives to an GP processing facility
  • Data destruction is handled by our technicians, who also create the necessary paperwork and reports and remove the destroyed drives for final recycling
  • Secure hard drive storage containers tailored to the needs of each client
  • Guaranteed and certified data destruction.

We Buy Used Servers

For those who have already decommissioned servers, what is the best way to get the most money back? We will buy your data center equipment if you wish to get rid of it. If you're looking to get the most money for your old servers, GP is the place to go.

Data Center Services

Typically, our decommissioning and data destruction services are project-based and require a great deal of preparation and collaboration to be successful. GP can help your team if you speak with one of our business solution advisers.