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Data Center Staffing

Hands On, On-Site

GP has a proven track record of performing effectively in all types of data centers across the globe. In this rapidly changing industry, we continue to be innovative. Our services include:

  • Installation of new equipment
  • Routine maintenance and updates of data center hardware
  • Installation and removal of cables
  • Decommissioning of withdrawn machinery
  • Equipment inventory reconciliation for serialized and data-bearing devices
  • Destruction of stored media
  • Parents and children reconcile their assets and storage media
  • Data destruction services for magnetic discs, cassettes, and solid-state storage media.

Compliant and Secure Services

With the use of written statements of work (SOW) and standard operating procedures (SOPs), as well as a thorough documentation system, we ensure that our work is meticulously organized. In the data center, our technicians are taught to work safely, respectfully and cautiously because these environments are vital to our clients' success.

Data Center Boot Camp

Our data center technicians have graduated from our data center boot camp, received training on onsite safety, and have been instructed to recognize possible hazards that may be present in their working environment. They carry out daily walk-throughs of the data center and complete a daily risk assessment as a matter of normal practice. Working on powered versus unpowered equipment, as well as data-bearing versus non-data-bearing equipment, each category requires its own unique set of procedures and checkpoints.