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Greest fully comprehends that decommissioning data centers is far more complex than the complete shutout of shutting switches, servers etc.
And thus have put forth a strategically devised plan that includes decommissioning, and the secure disposal of confidential assets within a data center.
Decommissioning, as a necessary component of data center management, needs the utmost precision and ability. Our robust decommissioning approach guarantees that the financial return and value of the devices are maximized, while also ensuring that your assets are disposed of securely and responsibly.
Not only do we commission surplus equipment, but we also certify asset monitoring and shipment, as well as equipment refurbishment, resale, and recycling.

Leading Capabilities for Data Center Decommissioning

When it comes to supporting organizations in successfully managing the ongoing technological advancements in data centers, GP plays a vital role. Our history of accomplishments includes forming partnerships with businesses and major cloud service providers in order to provide periodic data center equipment decommissioning. When companies move their operations to the cloud, we also provide assistance to such companies in decommissioning their corporate data centers. In addition to providing full resale and recycling services for retired data center equipment. We offer  bulk on-site data destruction services, as well as complete resale and recycling services for retired data center equipment. Proactively providing solutions for our customers' evolving data center technology is one of the ways that GP serves our customers.

Data Center Decommissioning Projects of Various Types

  1. Staged decommissioning of of ageing equipment
  2. Decommissioning/shut down of standalone corporate data facilities
  3. Cage cleanings at co-located locations
  4. On-site data destruction services – such as wiping, degaussing and bulk hard drive shredding
  5. Decommissioning of edge or micro-modular data center (MMDC)


GP Provides the Following Services

Efficient planning, coordinated efforts, and promises of minimal disruption to the living environment are all necessary components of a successful decommissioning project. An overview of how defunct equipment is handled is provided in the following phases. GP minimizes data center disruption by employing specified processes and good project management. That data is destroyed in accordance with client standards, inventory is audited and maintained accurately, and a strategy is in place to prevent excessive storage and logistics and shipping costs is verified by our team.

  1. Validation and decommissioning of equipment and racks is required
  2. Reconciling the assets in the portfolio
  3. Disconnect hard drives and destroy data on-site
  4. Disconnect hard drives and destroy data on-site
  5. Refurbish property
  6. Sell or redeploy your assets
  7. Recycle obsolete or proprietary equipment

Decommissioning Checklist

Do you have any decommissioning projects in the works? view our "Checklist for Selecting a Decommissioning Vendor" to get more information about how to evaluate potential service providers and where to find them.

View Decommissioning Checklist

Data Center Services

GP is a globally recognized leader in the removal, resale, and recycling of data center servers and blades. We provide a variety of on-premise data destruction solutions. Find out how we can assist your data center.

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Decommissioning and destruction of data centers require a close connection and thus we strive to maintain a sound association with our customers to ensure their maximum satisfaction.