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Edge Data Center Decommissioning

Edge Data Center Decommissioning

Often located near population centers, edge data centers serve as a vital link between larger data centers and the sources of their data. MMDCs (micro-modular data centers), also known as edge data centers, can provide additional capacity when needed. Self-contained data centers that include servers, IT infrastructure, mechanical and electrical support are known as MMDCs.

For the decommissioning of these facilities, GP has an unmatched advantage. GP offers a turnkey solution to dismantle MMDCs, secure data, and maximize value recovery around the world in partnership with our mother company, Greest. Moving and dismantling the entire data center is a heavy lift that we can handle together. Decommissioning server racks and destroying data is supported by GP. After dismantling GP, the servers, hard drives, and networking equipment are repurposed, resold, or recycled. Electrical and mechanical components are repurposed or recycled by Greest (HVAC, cabling and security components). To maximize value recovery from retired MMDC equipment, the experts at both GP and Greest have extensive experience in this area.

When You Power Off, We Pick Up

Data centers on the edge can turn to GP for turnkey services, including decommissioning and reselling of IT and mechanical equipment. Exceptional time-management specialists. Your data center is in good hands.

We Buy Used Servers

For those who have already decommissioned servers, what is the best way to get the most out of them? We'll buy your data centre equipment in cash if you'd like to sell it to us. The best place to sell used servers is on GP, thanks to our extensive market knowledge and connections to buyers all over the world.

Data Center Services

Typically, our decommissioning and data destruction services are project-based and require a great deal of planning and coordination to implement at our client locations.
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