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Infrastructure Reuse

Infrastructure Reuse

There are many ways to reuse data center equipment that has been reconditioned. It is more cost-effective and has better environmental effects to resell or redeploy equipment than it is to recycle it. Programs that generate optimum value and align with company objectives are provided to our clients.

Sell Used Servers and Network Equipment

Reselling servers and other networking equipment

Data center equipment is in great demand, and our remarketing teams have built specialized resale channels to meet that demand. As a result, we are able to match buyers and sellers at mutually beneficial price points because we offer used equipment through retail and wholesale channels. We are able to sell equipment in the right market, at the right time, and at the right price thanks to our pricing analytics technology.

Redeploy Servers

Server Redeployment – Spare Parts Management

Redeployment of some servers and blades with re-use potential is planned. Return on investment and environmental benefits can be increased by reusing an asset in a lower-demanding environment. Depending on the client's instructions, an asset can be delivered to an GP processing facility for refurbishment and reintegration. The GreenPlace Portal can be used to keep track of repurposed assets.

Original Design Servers (ODS)

We collaborate with data center managers to recycle specially manufactured servers in order to maximize resale potential while protecting sensitive information.

Leasing of Equipment

Rental equipment must be returned in good working order and all digital data must be deleted before the device can be returned.

In addition to late penalties, costs incurred as a result of physical damage or missing components can mount. When rented equipment is returned, it is common for the following charges to be applied:

  • Missing hard drive
  • Missing memory
  • Cracks in plastic case
  • Cases of bent metal
  • Batteries that don't hold a charge are missing.
  • The power cord has been lost.

In order to avoid unwanted chargebacks, GP works with our clients to simplify the return of leased equipment. Inventory reconciliation, cosmetic refurbishment, repair and the removal of company-applied asset tags are just some of the services we provide to our customers.

We Buy Used Servers

For those who have already decommissioned servers, what is the best way to get the most money back? We will buy your data center equipment if you wish to get rid of it. It is possible that GP will be the perfect place to sell used servers because of our market expertise and connections to global purchasers.

Data Center Services

There is a lot of project management involved in the decommissioning and data destruction services we provide for our clients.
GP can help your team if you speak with one of our business solution advisers.