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Certified Recycling Centers throughout the World

GP is a market leader in recycling broken or old data center equipment. Recycling obsolete equipment recovers raw materials from e-waste that can be utilized to create new products.

We assist our clients in resolving any issues that may arise, including the following:

  • Which industry regulations in each country must be taken into account when it comes to data privacy?
  • Is there law governing the disposal of e-waste? What changes are on the horizon that may have an effect on how e-waste is disposed of?
  • Has the regulatory environment in individual nations changed in a way that affects the disposition of IT assets?

How We Recycle Electronics

See How We Do It

View how SRS' innovative recycling processes are used to recycle your equipment.

Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Today's businesses have stringent duties to comply with legal frameworks and satisfy their corporate environmental standards. Our Safety, Health, Environment, Community, and Sustainability (SHECS) team is critical in ensuring that your equipment is processed environmentally friendly. Our recycling facilities adhere to industry and regulatory regulations.

Explanation of Certifications

Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Batteries, toners, inks, mercury-containing bulbs, and CRT monitors are all examples of common e-waste items that require specific handling during recycling. Prior to recycling, responsible recyclers will hand remove these dangerous materials from assets. Packaged materials will be transported to downstream vendors for final processing. GP' policy is to recycle all materials, hazardous or not, in an environmentally responsible manner.


We generate reports via the GreenPlace Portal that include an audit trail to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory obligations. Our standard reporting package includes audit trails, certificates of data destruction, remarketing reports, and cash settlements. Our portal enables easy access to all documents, work orders, and resale reports online.

  • Through a roles-based access management system, many users can securely log in from any location.
  • Secure access to all of our critical services.
  • Server lookup by serial number to determine whether an item is suitable for resale or recycling.

Recycling Services

Speak with one of our business solution experts to see how GP can assist with ecologically compliant data center equipment recycling.