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Circular Economy

Circular Economy

In order to reevaluate business models, strengthen current approaches, and plan for ongoing evolution towards a circular model based on knowledge about the disposition of retired electronic assets and managing their movement through reverse supply chains, GP engages collaboratively with global clients.

Electronic equipment reuse and recycling have a favorable effect on the whole supply chain. Reuse increases the usable life of IT assets, which reduces the amount of raw materials required to produce new goods. Reduced raw material demand results in reduced strip mining and energy use. Additionally, less garbage ends up in landfills.

Recycling old gadgets prevents waste from going to the landfill or being burned. In order to create clean recyclables that can be utilized as a feedstock to substitute virgin raw materials in the creation of new goods, GP invests in innovative technology.

Reusing and recycling materials to increase their value is a wise use of resources and is crucial to the circular economy.

We created a sustainability calculator to calculate the carbon savings from opting to reuse and recycle devices because we believe that you manage what you measure.

New Sustainability Calculator for IT and Data Center Assets

Our clients receive industry-leading environmental reporting from GP's Sustainability Calculator when they reuse, repurpose, and recycle any sort of IT equipment.

In addition to our own confidential processing data, the calculator is fueled by manufacturer data on the most widely used IT hardware, such as laptops, servers, PCs, monitors, networking equipment, and printers. Clients' IT asset disposition program allow them to quantify carbon savings, which allows them to:

  • Bringing their IT asset disposition program in line with their business sustainability objectives
  • Smarter and more sustainable IT asset management decisions
  • Estimating Scope 3 emissions related with the disposal of old IT assets
  • Increasing consumption per device
  • Enhancing value recovery
  • Environmental results must be measured and improved.

What is being Reported?

The calculator reports carbon savings from the reuse of full units and components, as well as the recycling of IT equipment. We give carbon savings equivalency measurements, which provide a user-friendly manner to display the findings, in addition to tones of carbon avoided.

The GP Sustainability Calculator offers clients clear sustainability data that may be used to contribute to corporate carbon accounting. Our strong and up-to-date data sets, as well as our clear computations, serve as proof points for internal and external audits.

How Dose It Work?

The calculator's engine is independently sourced, checked, and updated on a regular basis. It offers more product categories than competitors, including a large choice of cloud materials.

Benefits of Working with GP

We give our clients with precise and thorough quarterly reports that describe the carbon saved by their existing ITAD program. Because IT technology is always evolving, we acknowledge the need of keeping our calculator up to date. We keep the material current and relevant by doing frequent maintenance and updates, which include new product categories and the most recent test findings.

Reusing Assets Results Significant Sustainability Gains

The new GP Sustainability Calculator enables our clients to measure carbon savings not just through recycling, but also from the reuse of IT assets, which sets it apart from most other calculators. This is noteworthy because, as compared to recycling, reusing electronics results in much larger carbon savings.

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