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Green Place for Electronic waste Recycling and ITAD service in Egypt, Middle east and Africa.


Electronics Recycling Innovation

Our innovative recycling infrastructure enables GP to rapidly deconstruct complicated, highly engineered items composed of dozens of elements into pure streams of raw materials that may be used to make new products.

Our commitment to creating new methods to recycle even the most difficult electrical devices properly instils confidence in our clients that all facets of our business are managed appropriately.

Enhanced Plastic Recyclability

GP is pioneering and deploying best-in-class technologies for plastic separation. Because electronics are made from numerous forms of plastic, it is vital to efficiently separate these plastics from other commodity streams in order to produce clean, recyclable material that enhances prospects for reuse.

With our patented plastics processing line, we have efficiently completed the recycling cycle for plastics. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to separate various types of plastic, allowing electronics manufacturers to incorporate high-quality post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic into the development of new products. Given that plastics are one of the most difficult elements to recycle from electronic devices, this is a significant advancement in sustainable recycling.

Creating material streams that are appropriate for manufacture into new products assists electronics businesses in meeting their targets for incorporating recycled materials into new products.


Sustainability Calculator

The new GP Sustainability Calculator provides transparency in calculating the carbon savings associated with the responsible management of obsolete electronic equipment. This is a crucial instrument for assisting producers in quantifying circular initiatives in the lifecycle management of electronic equipment.

Design for Circularity

Due to conventional product design, traditional manufacturing procedures can impede recycling. Our cooperation with electronics manufacturers fosters novel design concepts that enhance the recyclable nature of electronics.

  • Smart parts design ideas
  • Selection of materials
  • Composite materials
  • Accessory design
  • Selection of Surface treatment