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Green Place E-waste recycling

Recyclobekia Is now (Green Place)


By the beginning of the new year 2021, we are enthusiastic to announce the acquisition of Recyclobekia for Electronic waste recycling.


Recyclobekia for Electronic waste recycling is a great company built by a group of great persons who could build something useful from scratch.


They had a hard time at some stages, which is normal in the life cycle of any startup, however, the company in few years has become the market leader in a new and tough industry, that is Electronic waste recycling.


During these hard times, We as Green placefor Electronic waste recycling were monitoring the market and we were happy to fulfill this acquisition that was and will be in the favor of both entities.


Green Placefor Electronic waste recycling decided to keep the old brand name of Recyclobekia for 2 reasons:

  • First one: to honor the great and hard work exerted by the old and sincere team of Recyclobekia.
  • Second one: the goodwill of the company and the famous brand name.


We are looking for a bright future for Green Place after this acquisition and for the whole industry in Egypt.