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Data Destruction / Wiping


Destruction of sensitive and confidential data is carried out expertly at greest. We manage and eradicate all kinds of trade secrets, accounting, credit card or payroll information.

Greest offers highly thought upon procedures that undergo apt destruction of assets. Our data destruction solutions carefully and strategically destroy data through shredding and degaussing and thus eradicate any chances of revival of secrets and confidential information.
Our utmost priority remains to convert sensitive information to irrecoverable shreds all this while falling completely in industry standards by reviewing, verifying and confirming data wiping. We wipe out various devices including magnetic hard drives, solid state drives, back up tapes, cds, dvds, floppy disks as welll as portable storage devices.

Our extensive and appropriate methods ensure complete data confidentiality and allows clients to witness secure data destruction. The aptly destroyed and wiped out parts are then recycled and reused.

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