Green Place for Electronic waste Recycling and ITAD service in Egypt, Middle east and Africa.



we understand the requirements of a systematic IT asset disposition plan and thus excel in the safe keeping of your data, making maximum value recovery and guaranteeing corporate risk management requirements.

Greest undergoes highly apt and systematic procedures to ensure that your data is completely annihilated and non useable digital equipment adequately disposed off. Our services include withdrawal of the IT assets from your desired location. The assets are then reconciled and destructed following the most suitable procedures. We also pack, transport, accommodate and receipt the assets into inventory tracking system. We are proficient in the repair, reuse and recycling of IT assets. Adequate parts are resold and reassigned, depending upon asset condition. Financial settlements regarding the IT assets are critically resold.

Our services remain surpassed due to our strategic procedures which are carried out with great precision and care. We have specialised portals for orders, invoice submissions as well as asset relaying.

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