Green Place for Electronic waste Recycling and ITAD service in Egypt, Middle east and Africa.

Material Recovery


We proffer excellent material recovery processes which aim at quantitatively maximising the recyclables, all this while producing high revenue generating materials. We receive, sort out and prepare recyclable materials for marketing.

Greest has mastered the art of advanced material recovery, which is a process of receiving mingled materials and using advanced and strategic tools and techniques as well as manual labour to disparate and recovering desirable materials according to their specific demands and usage. In other words, we use waste as a cheap input to extract valuable output. We also aim at reducing the quantity of waste produced and thereby taking steps forward in saving our environment.

Merits from our advanced material recovery procedures include:

  • Cheap waste providing you major financial return
  • Cheap waste providing you major financial return
  • Boosted material recovery rates aiding circular economy.
  • Conserving natural resources by limiting energy consumption.
  • Saving valuable raw materials and efficient management of waste.
  • Economic benefits from wastes.

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